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The link between abuse and poverty.

It’s cheaper to break the law.


Occupy Coachella Valley raided by police, 9 arrested

Nine Occupy Coachella Valley protesters — including a 17-year-old girl and an Iraq War veteran — camped out at Palm Desert’s Civic Center Park were arrested early Tuesday morning during a police crackdown.

More than two dozen Palm Desert police officers descended out of the darkness and onto the group, which has been illegally camped out at the park since Friday night when the city of Palm Desert refused to issue another permit.

Seven protesters, including a 17-year-old girl, were taken into custody near the park’s western entrance at San Pablo Avenue just before 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1. About 10 other protesters stood nearby on a public sidewalk and chanted, “Shame on you.”

From what I gathered, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department blocked roads leading to the campsite to prevent the news media from being observers, but we were lucky that the Palm Desert Patch was there, though the Patch reporter was nearly arrested.

Up to two dozen police officers in riot gear surrounded the encampment and despite their outright lies to the media, they did not in fact warn the protesters. They just started arresting people. They specifically targeted people to be arrested, making sure to arrest a lot of the key organizers, pointing at who to arrest “That one! That one!”

We were led off one by one into a white van and driven to a police station. We were shackled and chained even before we were read our Miranda Rights. They took us to the county jail in Indio and booked us. They kept us in a holding cell for hours before instructing us to sign a citation for “Unlawful Assembly.”

I flatly refused to sign it. I was rewarded with two days in county jail, dressed in orange jumpsuit, and housed with thieves, drug dealers, and other common criminals.

All of this for exercising my First Amendment rights.

Truth is indeed treason in the empire of lies.

1. Occupy Coachella Valley on Facebook.
2. Occupy Coachella Valley website.
3. Sign the petition to allow OccupyCV to stay at the park.
4. The online stream for OccupyCV.

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That’s right… a second veteran has been injured, pretty severely at Occupy OaklandKayvan Sabehgi, who has served with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, was apparently beaten by three or four policeman after being told to move (and having nowhere to move to). He was arrested and jailed, despite being in poor medical condition and a considerable amount of pain. He is currently in intensive care with a lacerated spleen, let out on bail 18 hours after his arrest.

Read the story at the Guardian.

(Above photo of police forming a line at Occupy Oakland. Credit: Kimihiro Hoshino/AP)

I had no desire to attend college after graduating from high school. Though I’d worked regular jobs, I was restless and looking for something more exciting. Like most kids my age I’d seen plenty of movies that romanticized the lifestyle, and I was attracted to it, so I joined a gang. I’d been told that if you could handle it, there was good money to be made, and if you were really good at it, room to advance.

The gang had international ties, and because of its overseas network I spent a couple of years working abroad. The particular syndicate I was part of would operate mostly in third world countries. It was easier to get away with our crimes there. We’d move into one town or another, and after pushing out the local gang, occupy the prime real estate.

We relied on local contacts, which acted as informants and low level muscle, and helped us to establish dominance on the street. In order to cover for our unlawful activity we had to operate under various front organizations. Usually we posed as security agencies or construction companies, and were in the employ of corrupt governments and big businesses. Our PR was world-class.

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Scenes from last night’s Occupy Cal Berkeley protests. Police in riot gear beat students in an effort to break up the protest, but the crowd only swelled with the violence.

Learn more about what happened. 

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