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Colbert takes PA House Leader Mike Turzai and General Assembly Republicans to task for passing a Voter ID law in response to “no documented cases of in-person voter fraud.” Turzai told a group of supporters that the Voter ID law would win PA for Romney.

Outlining the phenomenon of the “smart idiot.”



Control over women is the issue. Denying access to contraception is yet another example.

Are you the 1%… of douchecanoes?

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In an attempt to slam Obama’s policy in Uganda, apparently.

A pleasant surprise. I wonder what else they will attempt to shove into the transportation bill before it passes?

Casey, along with 10 other Senate Democrats voted to force Obama to approve the Keystone pipeline. Unfortunately there’s no Dem challenger to Casey and so he is playing moderate Republican in our about-to-pass-voter-ID-natural-gas-and-coal-industry owned state. In fact, he is a moderate Republican, it’s just there’s no longer a place in the Republican Party for moderates. But these votes, just like his vote supporting the Blunt Amendment, have power to cause real damage.

Click image to click through to the article it’s from. Based on Sarah Palin’s comments on a Sean Hannity show. Here’s from the article:

The “different classes” system Palin seems to be referring to is perhaps better known as slavery.

The entire conversation is based on the mischaracterization of Derrick Bell, a pioneer in legal scholarly work. Bell was the first tenured black professor at Harvard Law School, and the video that Hannity insists is a scandal shows Barack Obama, then a student, speaking at a rally in support of Professor Bell. Students and faculty were protesting to urge Harvard to hire more minority faculty.

Of course, Palin has struggled with history before.

Bogus Voter ID bill set to pass. What’s a little voter disenfranchisement for the greater good? A whole new level of immorality in politics in PA, the fuck-you state.

Article re: selling off city-owned gas utility on the advice of a shady sleazebag with a briefcase.