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Bill Moyers interview- they talk about Sallie Mae and private loans for college students at sky-high interest rates, about the decimation of the middle class. Ever cheerful stuff.

"So the 400 richest Americans, whose total wealth exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 150 million Americans put together, pay an average of 17 percent of their income in taxes. That’s lower than the tax rates of most day laborers and child-care workers.

Meanwhile, Social Security payroll taxes continue to climb as a share of total tax revenues. Yet the payroll tax is regressive, applying only to yearly income under $106,800.

And the share of revenues coming from corporations has been dropping. The biggest, like GE, find ways to pay no federal taxes at all. Many shelter their income abroad, and every few years Congress grants them a tax amnesty to bring the money home.

Get it? “Big government” isn’t the problem. The problem is big money is taking over government.”

We will waste years and millions implementing this half-assed law, which, out of the gate, was a convoluted, watered down version of what this country needs both fiscally and for the health of its citizens.

What does it matter to have a smart president when most people can’t see five minutes in front of them? But then again, apparently, neither can he.

The US government has regularly claimed that it supports a free and open Internet, both domestically and abroad. We cannot have a free and open Internet unless its naming and routing systems sit above the political concerns and objectives of any one government or industry. To date, the leading role the US has played in this infrastructure has been fairly uncontroversial because America is seen as a trustworthy arbiter and a neutral bastion of free expression. If the US begins to use its central position in the network for censorship that advances its political and economic agenda, the consequences will be far-reaching and destructive.

SB 732, a bill intended to shut down abortion providers in the state through targeted regulations, has passed and now sits on the Gov’s desk.

To paraphrase Andy Hoover at ACLU, either the legislators don’t understand women’s healthcare needs, or they don’t care.

It’s a cynical political play with women’s lives the chips on the table. Republicans have less to lose. It’s the Dems that need women to vote. Someone mention that to Obama and the PA Democratic Party, please.

The corporate study, prepared by the left-leaning advocacy group Citizens for Tax Justice, examined the regulatory filings of the companies to compute each year’s current federal taxes. Some of the companies disputed the findings, saying that the study understated their tax payments by omitting deferred taxes that they may pay in future years.

Using information from the companies’ own corporate filings, however, the study concluded that a quarter of the 280 corporations owed less than 10 percent of profits in federal income taxes and 30 companies had no federal tax liability for the entire three-year period.

Headline: “Where job measures go to die”
Subhead: “Another bill fails in Senate”
What actually happened: The bill got a majority in the Senate, 51-49. 

But because Mitch McConnell’s GOP minority has resolved to filibuster everything the Administration proposes, the measure never came to a vote on the merits. The Democrats, with “only” 53 votes (including 2 Indeps), cannot get 60 votes to break a filibuster, since the Republicans with 47 always-unified pro-filibuster votes, can stop anything they choose. 

Through most of American history, the filibuster was a once-in-a-blue-moon rarity. Now, in a shift so profound as to constitute a de facto amendment to the Constitution, it has become a routine obstructionist tool. And our leading journals have so internalized this process that in a story like today’s they:
  - report a 51-49 vote as a failure;
  - suggest a vague, caused-by-no-one “where bills go to die” systemic dysfunction; and
  - do not even use the word “filibuster.” This latest story contains the word near its end, but in a different context and not applied to what just happened. For two previous illustrations of similar presentation by the Post, see this and this.


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Why do we let them always claim this?!


It’s really sad how true this is.


It’s really sad how true this is.