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Bogus Voter ID bill set to pass. What’s a little voter disenfranchisement for the greater good? A whole new level of immorality in politics in PA, the fuck-you state.

Wow! Hacked emails released to ‘no comment’. That WikiLeaks keeps things interesting!

"At the London news conference, Mr. Assange said the Stratfor statement seemed to confirm the advice that a senior figure in the company offered in one of the exposed e-mails: “admit nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations.”

“We used to have a drilling prob­lem,” says Guthrie, “now we have a democ­racy problem.”

Moyers just rocks:

"The great American experience in creating a different future together – this “voluntary union for the common good” – has been flummoxed by a growing sense of political impotence  – what the historian Lawrence Goodwyn has described as a mass resignation of people who believe “the dogma of democracy” on a superficial public level but who no longer believe it privately. There has been, he says, a decline in what people think they have a political right to aspire to – a decline of individual self-respect on the part of millions of Americans.

You can understand why.  We hold elections, knowing they are unlikely to produce the policies favored by the majority of Americans.  We speak, we write, we advocate – and those in power turn deaf ears and blind eyes to our deepest aspirations.  We petition, plead, and even pray – yet the earth that is our commons, which should be passed on in good condition to coming generations, continues to be despoiled.  We invoke the strain in our national DNA that attests to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” as the produce of political equality – yet private wealth multiplies as public goods are beggared.  And the property qualifications for federal office that the framers of the Constitution expressly feared as an unseemly “veneration for wealth” are now openly in force; the common denominator of public office, even for our judges, is a common deference to cash.”

"So the 400 richest Americans, whose total wealth exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 150 million Americans put together, pay an average of 17 percent of their income in taxes. That’s lower than the tax rates of most day laborers and child-care workers.

Meanwhile, Social Security payroll taxes continue to climb as a share of total tax revenues. Yet the payroll tax is regressive, applying only to yearly income under $106,800.

And the share of revenues coming from corporations has been dropping. The biggest, like GE, find ways to pay no federal taxes at all. Many shelter their income abroad, and every few years Congress grants them a tax amnesty to bring the money home.

Get it? “Big government” isn’t the problem. The problem is big money is taking over government.”