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U.S. News has five white men debating whether unpaid internships should be illegal as part of its regular Debate Club feature, which it calls “a meeting of the sharpest minds on the day’s most important topics.”



I just sit here sometimes like


sexism is still a thing

the fact that sexism was ever a thing

it just

it’s beyond me

a woman pushes you out of her fucking BODY

and you grow up to be like ‘ahahaha women r stupid and weak’

i don’t get how that happens

LOL. Good point.


Urban sustainability isn’t always easy, but there’s one easy answer to a lot of problems: the bicycle as a mainstream mode of transport


Let’s Drink

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Looking to watch online? Mashable’s got you covered.

To retain any sense of hipness with their increasingly clued-in readership, [Gawker] have to own the lie, take off their disguise and reveal the fact that large swathes of online content is deliberately deceptive and written by people who know they’ve been “bought” by corporate interests to create propaganda.

At some point, doesn’t the whole house of cards start to tumble? When a grift is rumbled, doesn’t another grift need to be created to fill the gap?

In 1955 he was subpoenaed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, where he testified, “I feel that in my whole life I have never done anything of any conspiratorial nature.” He also stated: “I am not going to answer any questions as to my association, my philosophical or religious beliefs or my political beliefs, or how I voted in any election, or any of these private affairs. I think these are very improper questions for any American to be asked, especially under such compulsion as this.”

Mr. Seeger offered to sing the songs mentioned by the congressmen who questioned him. The committee declined.

Mr. Seeger was indicted in 1957 on 10 counts of contempt of Congress. He was convicted in 1961 and sentenced to a year in prison, but the next year an appeals court dismissed the indictment as faulty. After the indictment, Mr. Seeger’s concerts were often picketed by the John Birch Society and other rightist groups. “All those protests did was sell tickets and get me free publicity,” he later said. “The more they protested, the bigger the audiences became.”




Kevin Smith on the his ideal film rating board from This Film is Not Yet Rated

I love this documentary 


I’ve got my issues with Kevin Smith and parts of his body of work, but all in all, this statement alone is pretty goddamn redeeming simply because it’s such a rare jewel.

Thank you Kevin Smith!

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In some older versions of Persephone’s story, she was a young woman, not a young girl, and instead of accidentally wandering away, she had gone deliberately adventuring, when she fell, or was lured, or was kidnapped into Hell. Here Persephone’s adventurous spirit leads her into difficulty, instead of her being a passive victim of the wickedness of others. Her relationship with her mother gives her the courage to explore her world, and when events take a bad turn, their relationship gives her the strength to survive.

In a still older version, Persephone heard the despairing cries of the dead and chose freely to go into the Underworld to comfort them. Hades does not appear at all, in this version. Here Persephone’s descent to hell illustrates inclusiveness for every being, whether in the Underworld or in our present one, and shows that mercy is integral to her nature.

In the most ancient layer of myth, Persephone’s name means “She Who Destroys The Light.” She was the powerful Goddess of the Underworld long before anyone knew of Hades. Like the Indian Kali, the Irish Morrigan, and the Sumerian Ereshkegal, she was the Goddess of Death.

I want to see more girl monsters. Girl giants, girl dragons, hulks & trolls. Scylla and hydra. Girl monsters who are huge and whole. Teeth and plush fur and long muscled tails. Heads enough to see you anywhere. Gleaming green or brown. But girl monsters are usually zombies or vampires. Pale and thin, bleeding or dead. Not Lady Lazarus, not a phoenix from the ash. I want to see how you get strong without being broken first. Get strong and stay strong. Get big and bigger.


Famed street artist Alex Schaefer addressed the LA City Council to commend Gil Cedillo for being the only politician in America right now to stand up and speaking the truth about JP Morgan Chase Too Big To Fail Bank and their crooked practices. Gil Cedillo is proposing that Los Angeles consider ending its multimillion dollar ties with troubled JPMorgan Chase Co.